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What can Animoto be used for in the Classroom?

There are numerous ways that Animoto can be used in the classroom. Teachers can use it in all stages of a lesson and students can create slideshows to enhance their learning experiences. Here are a few ways that educators are using Animoto in their schools:
  • Make any lesson come to life with stunning audio and visual.
  • Use at the beginning of the day as a ‘teaser’ for what your students can look forward to learning each day.
  • Use to teach complex concepts in History, Math, Science. Students will respond to new media in the classroom.
  • Allow your students to display knowledge of a concept using Animoto.
  • Students can each create an Animoto showcasing who they are through pictures and music.
  • Vocabulary activities are limitless. For example, pictures students take with a digital camera could illustrate a word, a concept, or a learning activity.
  • Ideal for digital storytelling in the classroom setting. Animoto is completely web-based; students can create videos from school and continue working on them at home.
  • Celebrations of student achievements create a learning environment that is conducive to learning. Spotlight the learning!
  • Find pictures of different geography features by using the internet or your own pictures. Label the pictures according to their feature.
  • Book trailers are a great way to engage students’ interest before reading a book. Students can also create trailers to share with other classmates.
  • Create slideshows that demonstrate student reflection on their learning.

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